Finally got around updating CatShy after the jam!
- Fixed collisions
- MB1 to restart the level
- Simple level counter

Can you beat the game?
Only the downloadable version is updated! (CatShyPostJam.zip) 
HTML5 version will not be updated! (No GML licence available)

---- LORE ----
Catshy is lost in a dugeon with spoopy ghosts! Eat food to survive and try to escape the wicked place and exorcise the spoopies!

Press and hold Mouse1 button to move, collect all the food while avoiding ghosts.  Once all the food has been collected, release mouse1 to explode, you get one chance to destroy the ghosts. 

There is a windows single-run .exe available to download if you prefer to play that way :] No need to install anything. 

---- WHATIS ----
Game submission for the #GMTK Game Jam 2019, with the theme "Only one". 


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It took me a while to find out that the trick is to run in circles. It is really enjoyable to play and has great graphics/audio. However it is a bit weird that you go faster if your cursor is further away.

Thank you for the feedback! It is greatly appreciated! :)